Hot New Annuals

Trial Beds, 2017

Trial Beds, 2017

The nursery trade continually comes up with new and better varieties of some of your old favorites. Sometimes the plants are more disease resistant or drought tolerant. Sometimes the colors are brand new and the blooms long-lasting. Each year Linnaeus Teaching Garden features one annual in its trial beds so that gardeners can see and compare new and different varieties of this annual.

Hot New Annuals for 2017 – SunPatiens

This year the trial beds feature SunPatiens, a relatively new hybrid annual that will thrive in part-shade to sun. The SunPatiens is similar to the New Guinea impatiens that has been available for years, but it stands up better to sunny conditions. Even so, in the fierce Oklahoma summer months, SunPatiens planted in full sun will require ample watering.

We’ll keep an eye on our SunPatiens throughout the summer to see how they do and how the growth of the three types differs. You can too.  Here is an information sheet you can print and take with you to the garden.

The Sunpatiens family consists of three series: compact, spreading, and vigorous.


 Compact, Coral Pink - Bed 14

Compact, Coral Pink – Bed 14

 Compact, Hot Coral - Bed 3

Compact, Hot Coral – Bed 3

Compact, currently the most popular, can grow 14-32″ tall and 14-24” wide in the garden. Like all SunPatiens, it blooms throughout the summer and until hard frost.


Spreading, Pink Kiss - Bed 12

Spreading, Pink Kiss – Bed 12

Spreading, Clear White - Bed 10

Spreading, Clear White – Bed 10

Spreading SunPatiens feature a strong, mounding habit and are ideal for baskets. Spreading SunPatiens can grow 18-36″ tall and 24-36” wide in the garden; their width normally exceeds their height.


Vigorous, Lavender - Bed 15

Vigorous, Lavender – Bed 15

Vigorous SunPatiens have a strong upright habit with sturdy stems that hold up well in rain and wind. Vigorous varieties can grow 24-42” tall and 24-30” wide in the garden and do well as background planting or where a mass of color is desired.

Test Beds

Our hot, new annuals are displayed in 15 trial beds located along the drive that parallels the entry walkway. The beds are numbered west to east with Bed 15 being closest to the Barn. Below are the names of the different varieties featured this yea:

.Bed 1 – Scarlet Red (Spreading)

Bed 2 – Shell Pink (Spreading)

Bed. 3 – Hot Coral (Compact)

Bed 4 – Lavender (Spreading)

Bed 5 – Neon Red (a SunStanding variety that grows 18-24” tall)

Bed 6 – Pink Flash (Spreading)

Bed 7 – Carmine Red (Spreading)

Bed 8 – Orchid (Compact)

Bed 9 – Royal Magenta (Compact)

Bed 10 – Clear White (Spreading)

Bed 11 – Orange (Compact)

Bed 12 – Pink Kiss (Spreading)

Bed 13 – Deep Rose (Compact)

Bed 14 – Coral Pink (Compact)

Bed 15 – Lavender (Vigorous)