Plant Profiles by Barry Fugatt

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Red and Black Chokeberry

Aronia is a native American species that deserves a much wider planting in our gardens.


This versatile broadleaf evergreen is wonderfully equipped for a variety of garden roles.

Home Composting Made Easy

There simply is no commercial product on the market that improves soil as well as finished compost.


The ancient technique of Espalier can be used to train trees for a decorative look or for making the most use out of small spaces.


If you’re up for the challenge, no plant offers a more beautiful flower or glorious scent than gardenia.

Ornamental Grasses

A brief overview of the growing requirements and design uses of ornamental grasses.

Great Grasses for Tulsa Gardens

Tall, medium, and small ornamental grasses that grow best in Tulsa.

Itea – Virginia Sweetspire

Itea is a beautiful plant with a tough disposition.

Rose of Sharon

The Rose-of-Sharon from past generations was a worthy landscape shrub and new varieties are even better.

Roses – Earthkind™

These Earthkind™ roses are the finest, most thoroughly tested, and most environmentally responsible rose cultivars for use in Oklahoma.

Three Great Roses

Gardeners are turning away from high maintenance roses and embracing the tough and beautiful no-spray shrub roses.

Spirea – New Cultivars

The new spirea cultivars have it all: gorgeous flowers, colorful foliage, compact growth, disease and insect resistance, and a tough as nails constitution.