Grandparents’ Day – October

Multi-generations enjoy Grandparents' Day in the Linnaeus Teaching Garden.

Multi-generations enjoy Grandparents’ Day in the Linnaeus Teaching Garden.

The Linnaeus Teaching Garden Seniors Committee sponsors Grandparents’ Day annually in the fall. Grandparents’ Day is a wonderful time for seniors to spend a special day with their grandchildren, pass along their knowledge of gardening, and share their love of the outdoors.

Each year the Seniors Committee tries to have something special for all.

In 2017, we are sponsoring our annual celebration one month later than the National Grandparents’ Day. Come to the garden on Sunday, October 15th between the hours of 10am to 3pm.

Events scheduled for 2017 may include an appearance by Fergie Bear and a Fairy Garden for the younger grandchildren. As of August, details are still being worked out.

In addition, light refreshments will be served and a professional photographer will give each visitor a complimentary photo of them with their grandchildren all placed in a beautifully designed holder. Nosegays of fresh herbs and assorted flowers will be given to grandmothers, and their grandchildren will receive a beautifully designed bookmark for the occasion.

Remember, every time a grandchild is born, so is a grandparent.